Product Spotlight: Keetsa Mattresses

November 30, 2010

Having the best sleeping surface can dramatically improve the quality of our sleep. Most of us are aware of the benefits of the tempurpedic sleep systems, they have very aggressive TV advertising campaigns. I have used the tempurpedic beds in the past and presently use a tempurpedic medium pillow. The drawbacks of the tempurpedic beds are that they have off gassing of toxic vapors for several weeks. They are also very pricey due to their aggressive advertising campaigns. I find that the Keetsa Mattresses are made from the same materials but they are already off gassed prior to the customer receiving them and about half the price of the tempurpedic mattresses. Therefore I have been recommending them to my patients and customers as a better option. They are available on my website for a 5% discount from the price offered by the manufacturer. You may also plug in coupon code “keetsa50” for an additional $50 discount on all Keetsa Mattresses.


Lifestyle: Strength Training

November 28, 2010

I have been adjusting my strength training to reflect an approach that does higher intensity, heavier weights with lower reps, lower volume, and longer rest periods. Doing this recruits not only the slow twitch fibers and fast twitch fibers but the fast twitch glycocytic fibers which are used in life and death type struggle. This may involve an isometric contraction to failure at the end of the last maximum repetition. Efforts of this intensity will usually require 6-7 days of rest to fully recover before again stressing the muscles.

It is important to feed your muscles with a smoothie consisting of E3 Live, bee pollen, hemp seed oil, micronized creatine, micronized glutamine and branched chain amino acids within 45 minutes of completing exercise of this intensity. For more information hit the following link on my website to order the book Serious Strength for Seniors and Kids Under 65 by Peter Ragnar .

I am also starting to include interval training by running up a 35 degree incline hill. This stimulates lean muscle mass and is big for cardio development.

Ask the Doctor: Sore Neck & Back

November 25, 2010

I find that my neck and back become sore and achy sitting at my desk all day working on my computer. Is there anything I can do to make it better?

Sitting at a computer all day is a prime example of postural stress. Your head weighs about 10-12 pounds. For every inch that your head moves forward to the center of gravity, it adds 10 pounds of weight to the posterior neck muscles. As we sit are lower back muscles fatigue and we slump causing are head to shift forward to the center of gravity.

It is imperative to use a lumbar support while sitting for long periods of time and I like the tempurpedic lumbar support available on my web site. Switching over to a tempurpedic pillow will also help support the natural lordotic curve of the neck, thus removing much of the postural stress incurred while sleeping.

It is important to stretch the spine in a forward, backward, side bending and twisting motion daily. There are restorative yoga stretches in my book Renew Yourself with pictures. The book has pictures of forward bend and twisting stretches that can be done at your desk.

If you are over 50 you should be doing 4-5 minutes of intermittent cervical traction every morning with the Pettibon cervical traction unit available on my site. It is also time to start getting traction on the thoracic and lumbar spine with the Om Gym.

Additionally improving your digestion by drinking warm water with cumin, fennel, and coriander seeds in a thermos will improve digestion and help remove some of the toxins in the body that contribute to stiffness. I would also recommend fasting one day a week on juices and warm homemade soups. Keeping inflammation down by eating fresh prepared organic foods will also be beneficial.

Additionally one can work on the acupuncture- acupressure points Large intestine 4 for the neck pain and stiffness, and Bladder 60 for low and mid back pain. Instructions and pictures how to find these points is available in my book Renew Yourself .

Product Spotlight: The Human Touch Robotic Massage Chairs

November 23, 2010

The Human Touch Robotic Massage Chairs are spectacular. In many ways they give a better massage than the average massage therapist. They are very dependable and deliver care free service for years.

The Ht 5040 sells on my site for $1999.00 and the Ht 3300 for $1499.00. A $400.00 coupon is available at checkout by typing in “ht400” at checkout. Both of these chairs have free shipping and with the $400 discount the price is unbeatable. To learn more about these chairs click here.

Current Lifestyle

November 21, 2010

Now that the pool has closed down with fall I have been doing daily hiking in the mountains of Patagonia with deep breathing. I have also been working hard on strength training once a week with heavy weights. Exercises include dips with 45 lbs. tied to my body, heavy bench presses, curls, triceps extensions, handstand pushups, 5 minute wall squats with weights in my hands, chin-ups, bent over rowing, and a ten minute ab workout.

I just finished a 10 day Ayurvedic detox and am feeling very light and bright. I am continuing to do Abhyanga, asana, Pranayama, and Meditation daily. Taking an infrared sauna twice a week, has been beneficial in detoxing heavy metals. I am now working on rejuvenating herbs following the detox, so I am taking the Taoist Supertonic liquid extracts of wild Reishi, high grade ginsengs, wild cordyceps extract, and He Shu Wu extract. I am also working with Amrit Kalash Nectar and Ambrosia, which is considered the king of Rasayanas and Rejuvenates with anti oxidant properties 1000 times more than vitamin C and E supplementation. Amrit Kalash has the effect of expanding consciousness improving meditation, and increasing longevity and immune system response. All of the above mentioned herbal extracts and amrit Kalash are available upon request by contacting me.

Product Review: The Airwise Air Purifier

November 18, 2010

The Airwise Air Purifier is an excellent addition to your bedroom, workspace, and living room. It uses a patented photo catalytic UV device that kills bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, and takes out dust. Additionally it provides negative air ionization which is deficient in most living quarters. This will have a positive effect on your energy and health. All Airwise units are available for far below the manufacturer’s price on my website, and an additional discount is available by plugging in coupon code “wise15” at checkout.

Ask the Doctor: Daily Routine

November 16, 2010

Question: Can you give an idea on how to start the day in terms of daily routine

One should ideally rise by 6 a.m. as the body begins to become sluggish as it moves into the kappha time of day after 6 a.m.

You should start the day with tongue scrapping which removes many bacteria from the mouth and will make the breath fresher. You can purchase a tongue scrapper online. This should ideally be followed by use of a water pik which is much more effective in removing plaque from between the teeth than flossing. Next, the teeth should be brushed with natural toothpaste using the oral B which is much more effective than using a tooth brush and also massages the gums. Finish up your oral hygiene by gargling and swishing around in your mouth a tablespoon of sesame oil. This is called pooling and helps to remove toxins inside the mouth and also tightens the gums.

This should be followed by nasya or putting a few drops of sesame oil in the nostrils and tilting the head back and snorting it up the nasal passageways. This lubricates the nasal passageways and removes excess vata out of the head, which produces a calming effect. I know this sounds like a lot but it can be done in 5 minutes.

Next, one should have 10 ounces of warm water with a squeeze of lemon and a half teaspoon of raw honey. This sweeps ama, or toxins, that are in the stomach out and stimulates peristalsis.

It is now time for abhyaga (self massage) with warm sesame oil. Massage the entire body except for maybe the hair if you are going to work. Massage for about 10 minutes followed by a hot shower.

One should then do some yoga or restorative yoga that includes forward bending, side bending, back bending, twisting, and an inversion. This can be done in as little as 10-15 minutes. Yoga should be followed by 5 minutes of alternate nostril breathing, and finished up with 15-20 minutes of meditation.

You should now start your day by taking several tablespoons of E3Live Liquid in juice and wait about 20 minutes before eating anything other than fruit.

If you are over 45 you should do cervical traction with the Pettibon Cervical Traction Unit and hang from the Om Gym for a few minutes.

You are now ready to start your day with bang!

See my book Renew Yourself: Keys to Rejuvenation and Youthing for detailed instructions on alternate nostril breathing, abhyanga, alternate nostril breathing, traction, and Restorative Yoga.