Colon Cleansing

Dr. John Kellog performed over 10,000 autopsies and never found a healthy colon. If you have eaten the standard American diet for a period of time, including meat, eggs, diary, starch, and commercialized processed food, you could have up to a half inch thick of encrusted mucoid plaque along the inside of your colon. This leads to poor assimilation of nutrients and autointoxication. The reabsorbtion of decomposed fecal matter into circulation contributes to brain fog and low energy. Even if you are now eating a healthier diet with high percentages of fresh organic produce, the only way to remove the plaque is thru fasting and doing several colon cleanses.

Over the years I have used a number of colon cleanses. The Ejuva Cleanse is the Rolls Royce of colon cleanses. The herbs in the Ejuva Cleanse are hand ground, organic, and are synergistically combined in a way that does not upset the balance of the body. The Ejuva Cleanse lasts four weeks and consists of taking combination of herbs that soften the plaque, while psylium sweeps the plaque out. This is supplemented with probiotics and flower essences which are included. The cleanse starts with one dose the first week, two doses the second week, three the third week, and culminates in a juice fast the fourth week while taking four doses of the herbs and psylium. Most people find that they expel several feet of mucoid plaque during the last week. After doing the Ejuva Cleanse I noticed a marked increase in mental clarity and physical energy. My eyes were clearer and my skin became more radiant.


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