Ask the Doctor: Decrease in Libido

My husband is 54 years old and seems to be experiencing a dramatic decrease in libido which is affecting our sex life. Is there anything that we can do to smooth this out?

This is a common problem with men over the age of 50. Men go through andropause around this time in life. This is the male equivalent of menopause. With this there is usually a marked shift in hormonal balance. There is usually a marked decrease in testosterone. There is usually a decrease in DHEA which is a precursor for testosterone. Due to the environmental toxicity of plastics in the food chain there is often an increase in estrogen levels which also interferes with free testosterone levels. Aromatase levels increase converting some of the testosterone into increased estrodial levels. At the same time there is an increase in sex hormone binding globulin which interferes with testosterone linking up with its receptor sites. Men also go through a continued decrease in their production of human growth hormone which can also decrease libido. Plaguing of the arteriole vascular system can also decrease blood flow to the genitals.

It is recommended that males have a physical examination and a complete blood panel run by a physician specializing in endocrinology. Thyroid function, adrenal function, cardio vascular profile, and dhea, shbg, estrodial, testosterone, lh, igf-1, cortisol levels should be evaluated.
Supplementation with DHEA may help if it is low. The herbal formula Tom Cat could be used to raise free testosterone levels if low without interfering with the feedback loop regulating the gonads.

Cutting down on bad saturated fats and high glycemic starches and sugars would be beneficial. I am using strong Jing tonics, such as wild cordyceps, he shu wu and eucomia. A high quality ginseng blend can also be beneficial. Using Natural Cellular Defense would help to decrease some of the increased estrogen levels due to toxicity from plastic poisoning. Taking lingins from flax seed would also help to decrease elevated estrodial levels. Use of deer antler tip drops will also help increase igf-1 levels which are an indication of hgh levels. If free testosterone levels are low possible use of bioidentical testosterone may be beneficial and needs to be prescribed and monitored by a physician trained in bioidentical hormone replacement.

Regular strength training with weights and cardio will help to elevate testosterone and hgh in the bloodstream. Additionally learning Taoist methods of love making which decrease the frequency of ejaculation would be beneficial. Reducing stress levels and smoothing out friction in the relationship need to also need to be addressed.

The Herbal formula tom cat as well as Toaist Super Tonic herbs that help with lowered libido is available from me upon request. Balancing male endocrinology is not a game and needs to be monitored by a physician.


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