My Personal Fitness Routine Right Now

I am trying to take advantage of getting some sun during the warm mid days and hiking regularly. I have been working on some interval training with my cardio by running up a steep hill mixed in with my regular daily hikes. Starting to include some kick boxing in between my weight routines, and have been regular with getting up at 6 a.m and doing my yoga asanas , breathing exercises, and meditation. Splitting up my weight routines into two sessions a week… one is chest, triceps and shoulders and the other biceps, back, and legs. I am going into Tucson Saturday to pick up two 65 lb. Power block dumbbells. This allows one to spin a dial on each dumbbell and quickly change the weight from 2 and half pounds to 65 pounds in two and a half pound increments.


One Response to My Personal Fitness Routine Right Now

  1. david gordon says:

    Hi Dr. George. I met you about a year ago at TOL. I had some chiropractic sessions with you. Since I’ve switched to a mostly plant based diet and have been very lean to begin with I am concerned with supplements to take to build muscle. You recommended three to me but I lost the sheet with the info on it. I believe the three things were: 1) micronized creatine, 2) glutamic acid, and 3) branch chain amino acids. This comes strictly from memory. Can you refresh my memory for sure and recommend a good brand for each of these. I think you said is a good place to look but I know they have a lot of brands. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

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