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My psyche has me doing little cross checks with the economy. I don’t want to be a doomsday prophet, and while I hope and pray for the best I am also trying to be prepared for the worst. The global economy has 500 trillion dollars to unwind. We have not even touched starting to unwind this debt. The current lifestyle is unsustainable. The governments have been doing a pretty good job of putting their fingers in the dike, and keeping people from panicking.

I am refraining from accumulating too many possessions, getting my truck in travel condition, and putting first aid, and emergency and survival gear together. Worse comes to worst, I will be heading south into Mexico and Central America hopefully with my girlfriend, my surfboard, a spear gun, water purifiers etc. You can always survive in the tropical west coast with minimal shelter to keep the rain and mosquitoes out, and you will not freeze and starve as there is seafood, fruit, and coconut water. Diving, swimming, surfing, hiking, doing yoga, meditation, and a good companion will keep you healthy strong and fill the days with fun and laughter and love. I encourage all of you to have a couple of large tubs of e3live powder, medical supplies, water purification, camping gear in place, with plans to be able to get out of the city. A small supply of silver and gold coins would also be a good idea. Work on getting your body detoxified and able to sustain itself on simple natural foods and to also be able to whether being without food for short stays where you may have to fast. Strength train and condition to make your body strong and learn basic first aid and survival scales. I think that Viktoras Kulvinskius’s book Survival into the Twenty First Century may not have been to far off the mark.


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