Product Spotlight: Pure Synergy

With literally hundreds of green powder supplements on the market it is hard to figure out which one is best. In my opinion Pure Synergy is the best green powder supplement on the market. My colleague Gabriel Cousens, M.D. , concurs with me on this subject.

Pure Synergy has over 64 organic live ingredients picked at the peak of potency and prepared in way that they are enzymatically alive. Pure Synergy was developed by Mitchell May after being in a life threatening accident in which he almost lost his leg. It has 7 kinds of algaes and spirulinas, 7 kinds of seaweeds, 7 different vegetables, enzymes, and number of western herbs as well as Chinese super tonic herbs. Pure Synergy shows a bioluminescent aura around all ingredients with Kirlan Photography one year after preparation into the formula. Taking this formula covers many nutritional bullets and assists in increased mineralization including calcium. It is available on my website and I suggest taking one Tablespoon a day along with E3Live. In my opinion these are two of the most important supplements to take.


One Response to Product Spotlight: Pure Synergy

  1. Carol Watson says:

    I just got my first order of E3Live today and I am wondering if any of these products will help Restless Leg Syndrome. If so please let me know which ones I should be taking. I would love to get off the medicine “Requip”.

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