Holiday Blues

Many of us tend to overindulge and have breaks from our normal routines during the Holiday season, often resulting in sluggishness, weight gain, irregularity, and sometimes the blues.

My tips for getting back in the swing of things following the New Year would be to do a 24-36 hour fast on either warm water or herb teas or alternatively on fresh made vegetable soups. Taking a mild tonic like Triphala will help to gently cleanse the digestive tract and bowels while aiding elimination. A further explanation of Triphala and its action is available on my website. Using mild digestives like ginger tea and mint teas will help to sooth the digestion. Avoid cold drinks and leftover foods and instead favor warm easy to digest foods like fresh made vegetable or lentil soups. Drinking hot water with a teaspoon of fennel, coriander, and cumin in a thermos of a quart of hot water every hour thru the day will stimulate digestion.

Try to go for morning walks and work on restorative yoga stretches with deep rhythmic breathing featured in my book Renew Yourself. Doing self massage with sesame oil followed by a hot Epsom salts bath will help to calm the nerves and gently detox the body.

For a more thorough cleanse follow my guideline for a home Detoxification program that lasts a week featured in my book Renew Yourself. Lastly consider doing a two week cleanse with the formula Elim Tox to assist detoxifying the liver, sweat glands and colon. This is available upon request. Elim-Tox helps purify toxins from your whole body — down to the cells. You’ll feel healthy, clear and light.

Let’s face it. Modern life is full of toxic input: chemicals and preservatives in your food supply, toxins in the air and water; digestive impurities that build up due to poor eating habits. Not to mention the toxic build-up that results from mental, physical and emotional stress. In Maharishi Ayurveda, these impurities are called ama. They disturb liver functioning and the healthy breakdown of fats, leading to weight and cholesterol problems. They interrupt circulation, leading to poor nutritional input to the cells. They block elimination, causing digestive disturbances. They interrupt the immune system, leading to allergies and disease.

Like other cleansers, Elim-Tox detoxifies the colon and digestive tract. But it doesn’t stop there — it also cleanses the liver, the sweat glands, the nutritive fluid, the blood, the fat tissue. Because this blend of 18 ayurvedic herbs clears the microchannels of the body, allowing waste to be removed and vital nutrients to reach the cells, you’ll feel energy radiating from every pore.


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