Current Workout Routine

December 2, 2011

It’s been a while since the last blog.  My routine presently is weightlifting and strength training twice a week.  I have been doing biceps, legs and back one day and chest, shoulders, and triceps the other day.  Walking twice a day for a total of about an hour.  Doing meditation twice a day for twenty minutes, thirty rounds of pranayama, and asanas for thirty minutes both daily.  The last several weeks I have been up on the mountain standing barefoot doing lots of deep breathing while sungazing for ten minutes and it has been incredible.

The latest addition to the routine has been adding on interval training three times a week. This is one minute of intense cardio jumping rope followed by a minute of walking and then a minute of hitting the heavy bag followed by a minute of walking.  I do this combination four times.  This should have an interesting effect on burning of fat and further increasing my definition.  I am also hoping to add in a Magnetic Chi Gong routine every evening but have not done so.