My Experience with Pachakarma

I am attending Pachakarma treatment (seasonal Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapy) in Taos New Mexico. Pachakarma was originally designed for rejuvenation treatment of the Royal class in India thousands of years ago. The therapy is profoundly detoxifying and purifying to the body and nervous system, resulting in rejuvenation and bliss which can last for a few months following treatment. I find the purifying effects of Pachakarma for a week to be many times more profound than fasting for a week.

Following treatment, studies show a profound reduction in environmental and heavy metal toxicity. The treatment consists of internal oilation for three days, followed by a purgative. This forces toxins out of the cell membrane and into the colon where there a purged. This is followed by several treatments that consist of external oiling of the body with medicated oils, followed by medicated bastis which deeply cleanse the body of impurities and balance the doshas.

For a simplified version that you can do at home please see the chapter in my book Renew Yourself, on Home rejuvenation Therapy.


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